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Anyone who can, check out the above trail for Our Girl, a BBC original drama.

A young woman called Molly Dawes turns eighteen and sees her life already mapped out before her, amounting to nothing. She throws up in front of an Army Recruitment Office after a night out for her eighteenth and the next day, after making her way back and wanting more to her life, she decides to enquire about joining the Army. She doesn’t believe that she can pass the BARB aptitude test but gets a surprise a few days later when she receives a letter, inviting her to an Army assessment course…

I am posting this under feminism and sexism due to the fact that the drama features a scene where Molly’s father tries to coerce her into an essentially arranged marriage with a man for the good of the family and his sexist comments and beliefs that a woman’s place is backing up her man and being a good wife. Molly’s friend intercepts saying that the reason the Army is fighting in Afghanistan is so women have the CHOICE of who they marry or if they marry at all.

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